Thank you for your interest in the Beehive Cookie Mold! The best part of making these cookies is that there is no baking, no heating, no burning and no need for an electric mixer. It looks like you have worked so hard to create your wonderful cookies and it was so simple!

Once you have mixed the crushed nuts and other ingredients together, you just roll, mold, fill and seal. Presto! The cookie is eased out of the mold and ready to enjoy. The looks and praise that you get when your friends and family try these for the first time will make you want to try all the varieties. Switch fillings for a different taste. The possibilities are as many as you can imagine since the filling consist of prepared whipped topping and dry instant pudding mix blended together. There are so many pudding flavors and whipped topping flavors that it is fun to experiment.

When the cookie is sealed with a vanilla wafer and and removed from the mold you can dust your cookies with powdered sugar, sugar sprinkles, or drizzle chocolate over them. Each recipe takes about an hour to make from chopping the nuts to washing your bowls, and yields about 30 cookies. You may freeze them in an airtight container until you're ready for use because it doesn't take long for them to thaw. It's great for unexpected guests!


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